Own Art is an Arts Council supported scheme that allows you to purchase an artwork by spreading the cost interest free over 10 monthly payments, helping you to take home the Art you love whilst supporting contemporary Artists. We are thrilled to be able to offer this scheme to customers in our gallery and our website.

What can I buy using Own Art?

Own Art can be used to purchase any original piece costing between £100 and £2500, which includes paintings, original prints and sculpture (including ceramics and stained glass) It can also be used to buy multiple pieces, as long as the total cost of all the items is between £100 and £2500.

How do I apply?

When you have found a piece you like, let us know that you would like to use Own Art to finance your purchase. We will guide you through the online application process, which will give you an approval decision there and then. The application process is quick and easy, usually taking about 10 minutes. You can also complete the process online, if there is a piece you are interested in contact us.

Who is eligible to use Own Art?

If you are a permanent UK resident, over the age of 18 and have an income (either from working at least 16 hours a week, being self employed or from a pension) you will most likely be eligible for Own Art. If you would like to fund a purchase with Own Art, we can guide you through a quick and easy application process that will give you an instant decision on whether or not you are eligible. You can also find out more at www.ownart.org.uk

How is payment taken?

Payment will be taken monthly by direct debit, over a period of 10 months. No interest is applied, so you will only pay the price of the artwork. You will be provided with login details to manage your Own Art loan online, and there is no extra charge if you want to pay off your Own Art loan early.

Can I use Own Art to buy something that costs more than £2500?

Yes – the loan can go towards the payment of a piece of art that costs more than £2,500 provided that you are able to cover the balance in cash or with a credit/debit card. You cannot apply for multiple loans to cover the cost of a single piece of work.

Can I include the cost of framing in the Own Art loan?

If we are arranging additional services for you such as framing you can choose to include these charges as part of your Own Art loan. Please make sure that you have told us that you wish to do this at the start of the loan application process

Enquire About Purchasing an Artwork using Own Art

If you would like to use an Own Art loan to buy a piece of work, simply fill in the form below and we will give you a call back. Use the notes section for any queries or if you’d like us to call you at a particular time.