Born in 1977, Leo studied illustraton at Falmouth College of art. After a decade of regular exhibitions he became a full time artist in 2009 working from his studio and gallery in Minehead. Leo has become well established with his detailed illustrative watercolours, however his latest work sees him, branching out into different media, creating painterly landscapes which are remarkably different to his previous work.

The inspiration for much of Leo’s work comes from the flora and fauna of the local landscape and his passion for the outdoors. Despite using his own photographs as a starting point for his paintings, Leo’s work is far from photographic- “When starting a painting I refer a lot to the photo but as the painting develops I refer to it less and less and respond more to the painting itself.”

By using multiple layers of paint and wiping and scratching into these layers to reveal the previous, Leo creates work which is expressionistic and harnesses the possibilities for surface texture that oil paint offers.

In the last few years Leo has won the ‘Evolver prize’ and has been a prize winner at the A303, Milfield and Ilminster open exhibitions. He has shown at the RWA (Royal West of England Academy) and had paintings in ‘The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour’ and ‘The Sunday Times Watercolour competition 2012, 13 & 14’ at London’s Mall Galleries.


Our Interview with Leo Davey
Leo Davey’s prize winning entry to the 2015 Sunday Times watercolour competition

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