La Diablesse – Simone Doig


Framed original oil on canvas


Image size: 50cm x 60cm
Outside frame size: 53cm x 63cm


My painting is based on the Trinidadian folklore character La Diablesse. La Diablesse is both the epitome of feminine beauty and the image of demonic lust. She roams at night, with restless eyes and a corpse- like face that is hidden under a wide-brimmed hat. She wears the clothes of a bygone era, typically a long dress with puffy sleeves and petticoat skirts. The skirts conceals her infamous cloven foot.

She appears on the nights when the moon is full and waits along lonely paths for drifting men. La Diablesse will trick the man into following her deep into the jungle where he will fall into his fatal death, either by making him lost so that he cannot find his way out, or tricking him into walking off a cliff, or her seemingly preferred method, to cause him to fall into a nearby river and drown.






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