The Spring Equinox – Ben Edge


Framed original oil on canvas



Image size: 40cm x 40cm
Outside frame size: 42cm x 42cm


Every year on what has considered to be sacred ground since Neolithic times and once known as ‘The Great White Mound’ a group of Neo Druids from the ‘Druid Order’ meet to celebrate the Spring Equinox that marks the time of the year when night and day are of equal length and to bless the land to ensure a fruitful year ahead. The ceremony is also held in London to demonstrate the Pagans belief that the City of London will eventually return back to its natural state and nature will reclaim it. This was a ritual that I observed first hand that inspired and resulted in this painting.





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Ben Edge Is a London based artist who is predominately a figurative painter interested in portraiture, folklore and story telling whose paintings depict the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. In 2009 his painting of his grandfather ‘The Animal Handler’ was selected for exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the BP Portrait Award. Stylistically Edge is fascinated by the attention to detail and craft that is often found in Folk and Naive Art as well as the traditions of religious and northern Renaissance painting. These combined influences inspired the title of his debut solo show ‘Folk Renaissance’ that took place at the HIX Art gallery, London, in March 2017. Since his show last year Edge has undertaken a new project exploring the folklore and traditional folk customs of the British Isles and is travelling around the country gathering source material and creating a new body of work in response to his research.


Ben Edge:

Born 1985



London Metropolitan University, (2005 – 2008), BA Fine Art

West Kent College, (2002 – 2005), ND fine art – Foundation in Fine Art


Selected Exhibitions:

2018: Group Show, ‘Lore of the land’, Churchgate Gallery, Somerset.

2017: Mayfair Art Weekend, Browns Hotel, London

2017: Solo Show, ‘Folk Renaissance’, HIX ART (Formerly CNB Gallery) London

2015: The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize, Piano Nobile, Kings place, London

2015: Two man show (with Ben Westley Clarke), ‘Contemporary folklore’, Leyden Gallery, London

2014: Group show, ‘Nuance outcasts’, Angus Hughes Gallery, London

2012: Group Show, ‘Black Xmas’, Signal Gallery, London

2011: Group show, ‘Punk and Beyond’, Signal Gallery, London

2010: BP Portrait award, National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh

2009: BP Portrait award, Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton

2009: BP Portrait award, National Portrait Gallery, London

2009: Group show, Ground, Chiswick London

2008: Group show, The Light Box, Chiswick, London

2008: Group show, ‘Gibbo’s makes a scene’ Gibbo’s, London

2007: Group show, Transition Gallery, London

2007: Group show, ‘Peace Camp’, Brick Lane Gallery, London

2006: Group show, Transition Gallery, London



Short-listed for ‘The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize’, 2015

Short-listed for the BP Portrait award, National Portrait gallery, 2009

Short-listed for the Ellen Clarkson Award, London Metropolitan University, 2007

West Kent college foundation, hard working achievement award of excellence in fine art – Kent county council, 2004 -2005