Bristol based artist Jenny Danby originally studied graphic design at college, however she found the commercial nature of graphics unappealing and gravitated over time toward oil painting, finding herself more at home in the world of fine art.

Jenny initially began by making studies of objects, painting in a representational way. However, her approach started to develop and change, with more emphasis on colour tone and space. At first glance Jenny’s paintings may look minimalist and simple, with domestic objects and large expanses of colour. However, each painting has a delicate balance. No element is out of place, and the spaces are very deliberate and as vital to the composition as the objects themselves. Jenny often incorporates stencilled text into her paintings, which is reminiscent of graphic design and provides an interesting counterpoint to her very ‘painterly’ style.

Jenny has exhibited widely in the UK, and has also had work exhibited in the Royal Academt Summer Exhibition three times.

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