Paul has been painting for more than twenty years, developing his striking black and white style. His interest in working in monochrome stems from his love of black and white photography, and the way that form,light, shadow and composition become the most important elements in the absence of colour.

A successful career in Optometry has given Paul an extensive knowledge of the human eye, and a fascination with the similarities between the lense of a camera and the workings of the eye is evident in his work.

Each Painting is based on one of his own black and white photographs, but despite this source material, the work is still ‘painterly’, expressing the artist’s interpretation of the moment as well as having photographic qualities.
The expanses of shadow punctuated by light create an absorbing, almost cinematic atmosphere reminiscent of Edward Hopper. By using photographs, Paul is able to create a painting that harnesses the camera’s ability to by chance capture a tiny fragment of reality.

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