Born in 1965, Anthony has become one of the UK’s most stylish and exciting ceramicists. His work is highly collectable and is considered by many to be an antique of the future.

Although his distinctive designs concentrate on the bird form, he is loath to describe himself as a ‘bird sculptor’. It’s more their sculptural shape, elegance and movement that intrigues Anthony. He is currently developing his eye-catching range and we can expect a dip into the abstract as he pushes and accentuates the strong, clean lines he favours.

He studied Ceramic Design at both Cardiff and Bristol (M.A. & Ist class honours).And has also lectured at Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts and many other institutions. Anthony’s work has appeared in several books, including Time for Tea and Ceramic Sculpture.

Anthony starts his sculptures with sketches, then carves the shape out of plaster, then smoothes it. He then makes a 2- or 3-piece mould. The work is then finished in cream or a specially created speckled glaze. He has received may awards and his work is in many international collections, including The British Council and the Ashmolean Museum. Anthony lives in Lincolnshire with his wife, Nicola Theakston (who is a well-known and successful wildlife sculptor) and their three children and tennis-ball obsessed dog ‘Dodger’.


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