Joe studied art and design at Suffolk College and then undertook training at the Old Piggery Pottery. He works primarily in ceramics, wood and metal but also uses found materials to make his sculptures. A practise which is reflected in the enigmatic figures he creates which comb the coast and countryside often carrying their spoils in old tin buckets, pockets or hoisted on their broad shoulders.

He also specialises in animals sculpted in clay, wild and domestic which inhabit the same rural, coastal landscape of his figures

Each piece is sculpted in clay and allowed to dry for about a week then if the piece includes colour it is painted with underglaze colours. Following this the sculpture is fired in a conventional electric kiln to about 1000 degrees Celsius. After cooling it is ready for glazing and the raku firing process. The now biscuit fired pieces are heated to roughly 1000 degrees celsuis before being removed and placed in sawdust. They are then quenched in water.


1250C Fisherman – Joe Lawrence
1250C Fisherman – Joe Lawrence
Ceramic sculpture [space_20] Height: 40cm [space_20] Please note: due to the size and weight of this sculpture, please contact us for a shipping quote before ordering. [space_20] [space_20]
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