Sarah did a Foundation Art course at Somerset College of Arts and Technology, followed by a Ba(hons) degree in Multidisciplinary Art and Design at North Staffordshire Polytechnic. After finishing her degree she worked in a textile design studio in Manchester. She then returned to Somerset and worked as a freelance greetings card designer.

Sarah’s love of working in clay along with her interest in historic pottery has now led her to make small keepsake pots on which she can use pattern and colour that were so much part of her days when she worked in textiles.

She strives to make keepsake pots to hold the special little tokens that we collect through our lifetime.
They are hand built from porcelain using the traditional method of coiling which brings a personal and irregular quality to her work. She mixes her glazes from raw materials to create glazes that compliment and contrast with each other in their colour and texture.

“I have a very strong connection with my home at Harewoods Farm on Exmoor, which has been in my family for over 150 years. Here I find that the shapes and colours surrounding me are drawn into my work. I have found old pieces of pottery and glass in Harewoods and the surrounding gardens and hedgerows, these along with my interest in ancient artefacts inspire the decoration of my work.”


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