Miranda Johnston takes animals and objects out of their natural context, isolating them in flat, vividly coloured spaces, to intensify their beauty and fascination. She is inspired by the landscape of Exmoor, where she loves to walk and explore

‘“I love the sense of isolation and space of Exmoor and the fast changing weather patterns and light. Often on my walks I have fleeting interactions with animals and birds where momentarily our paths cross and for only a brief moment we might stand and watch each other before going on our way. I try to capture these moments of intense mutual scrutiny.”


C5089 Ice Cream for Crow – Miranda Johnston
C5089 Ice Cream for Crow – Miranda Johnston
Original oil on canvas [space_20] Image size: 48cm x 39cm Outside frame size: 57.5cm x 47.5cm [space_20] [space_20]
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