Introducing New Artists at Churchgate Gallery

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We are excited to be showing work by some new artists at Churchgate Gallery, Porlock this spring. Read on to find out more about the Artists and their work.

mj1Miranda Johnston

Starting on the 18th of May is ‘Anthropoda’, our first ever photography exhibition at Churchgate Gallery! Miranda Johnston photographs insects our of their natural contexts, giving a rare insight into the world of Arthropods, creatures which are right on out doorstep yet usually overlooked. Each photograph is a limited edition of 10 prints. You will we able to see all of Miranda’s work on our website after the exhibition opens on 18th May.


helenfayHelen Fay

The inspiration for Helen Fay’s etchings comes from wildlife in all it’s forms, her current interest being dogs with their myriad of forms and presence and dignity. Each work has a delicate balance between form, shadow and shape, giving the etching depth and atmosphere. Helen’s use of line  and the application of ink gives the finished etching a tangible sense of the three dimensional etching plate, and the process of creating it.

rowlandsLaurence Rowlands

Laurence’s inspiration comes from his passion of walking on Exmoor. He has tried to capture some of the many ‘framed views’ that he has discovered whilst out walking by recreating them in miniature, set inside walnut shells – “Exmoor in a Nutshell.” This work is in mixed media, using as much natural material gathered from the moor as possible.



Victoria Keeble

Victoria keeble originally worked as a textile designer after studying at Falmouth School of Art, designing hand embroidered silk shirts. In the 1970’s she began to explore other media, experimenting with silk painting before turning to printmaking, finding the medium of Collagraph perfectly suited to her highly decorative style.

Victoria draws her inspiration from mediaeval decoration, as well as the exuberant bright colours of oriental and indian textiles.




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