Spring Exhibition Preview

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Here at Churchgate Gallery in Porlock we are extremely excited to be showing work by two artists who are new to the gallery in our upcoming spring exhibition (29th March – 25th April), as well as Exmoor based artists we have been representing for several years now. From the work received from the artists so far, it is promising to be a vibrant and varied collection of paintings, drawing together contemporary landscape, still life and figurative paintings.

Dee Nickerson

1Dee Nickerson is a new addition to the Gallery, but has exhibited widely across the UK since the 1990’s. Her work has also been featured on a range of greetings cards.

Dee is an artist who has the rare ability to capture a moment from everyday life in a charming, unique and recognisable style, with each paintings displaying quirky touches inspired by her keen observation of people and nature.


Leo Davey

2Established Minehead based artist Leo Davey has had growing success in recent years with his detailed watercolour paintings and illustrations. However, his latest work sees him branching out into different media, creating expressive paintings in oil on board, which perfectly capture the depth of light and colour in the local landscape.


Jenny Danby

3Jenny Danby is another artist who we look forward to exhibiting for the first time. Her still lifes are explorations of colour, space and tonal relationships.

The uncluttered compositions and carefully chosen details create work with a harmonious and contemporary feel.


Sue Onley

4Sue Onley is an artist whose work we regularly exhibit. Despite her unusual and unique style, each of Sue’s paintings has a strong sense of place, showing the unmistakable character of the West Somerset landscape. Figures dotted throughout the dense scenes of rolling hills and cliffs give the work a charming appeal.


Neville Cox

5Neville Cox is another artist who we regularly exhibit, and we are always excited to see where his every evolving style will lead.

As a self taught artist, Neville has developed his style by painting outdoors, ‘En plein air’. This allows him to spontaneously capture fleeting light and weather in the ever changing landscape.


Caroline McMillan Davey

6Caroline McMillan Davey has successfully exhibited her atmospheric mixed media paintings with many leading London and provincial galleries for the past 15 years.

Her spontaneous and intuitive approach to paintings creates work which is imbued with the light, colour and ‘feeling’ of the landscape.


exmoor_spring_2014.cdrThe spring exhibition will be open from the 29th March to the 25th April, open Monday – Saturday 10:20am – 5:30pm.

Work in the exhibition will also be available to view online on churchgategallery.co.uk from Sunday 29th March.


Originally published February 23 2015

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